What is going on with the Chiefs and Mahomes?

Dude, Mahomes and the Chiefs are not having a good time as of late. It's like ever since they lost the Super Bowl, they've just become a shell of their former selves. They're 2-3 right now. I think they've gone 0-3 in the last 3 weeks.

Do you think Mahomes and company can come back from this.


Just a slump. I'm sure they will pick things up soon and start to get some more wins. They're just 2-3, it's not the end for them unless they literally keep playing bad for the weeks to come. I don't see Mahomes allowing that to happen.


I don't really care what happens with the Chiefs. As long as they lose, the better I'd say. All I want is for the Browns to win and any teams that do lose or win, to help us.