Will Browns win their final game? Playing the Steelers


There is just one game left on the season for the Browns, winning or losing has to effect on our season, but I believe if we defeat The Steelers, they won't make the playoffs. The Steelers need to win this final game to have a chance. I don't know if any other teams need to lose in order for the Steelers to make it in, but I assume getting a win against us helps.

But, we can stop them and take them out of the playoffs with a win, and we love seeing the Steelers out of the playoffs. If we can't make it, may as well take them out with you. :D


Would be nice to see the Steelers lose, and in turn be taken out of playoff contention. I hope we can win, could be our little title game to end the year, stopping the Steelers from going to the playoffs.


It would be a nice ending to the season, to take the Steelers out at the very end. This is our Super Bowl. :D
It would be a great ending to the season. Yeah we aren't going to the playoffs, but it at least ends the Steelers chances as well.