With 17 games, it's going to be easier to break records


With 17 games on the season coming now, do you think we'll see a lot more records broken in the regular season? I read an article on yahoo recently about how that will affect stats and records in the NFL. Do you think it should be changed to show what era it was in?

With one extra game on the season, it's going to result in broken records, probably this season.


I didn't even think of that going into this season. Yeah, I bet someone breaks some records this year. Well, I imagine many will break records considering they have one extra game to make it happen.
yeah it'll help some players reach those records, but I bet they will do something to differentiate the records. Maybe even going as far to start fresh from 2021. Kinda what you said about doing it by era. They could start the new stats in 2021, and have the old stats based off the 16 game totals, and then the 13 game totals way back when they played like 13 games a season.

But yeah, it'll result in new records coming, but I think they will find a way to differentiate the stats.