Would you like an additional team per division?


If we added an additional team to each division, we'd have 8 more teams for a total of 40 teams. I doubt this would ever happen, but I think it'd be interesting to see more teams added. It would make things tougher, but I think it would bring the popularity back a bit.

What do you guys think? If not another 8 teams, maybe another division with just 4 teams?


Honestly, no. If we got any new teams, I'd say just add one to each division, but even that I don't want to see. I figure it'd be best the way it is now, with 32 teams. But, don't count the NFL out, as they can change their minds and have more teams in the NFL.

Mr Biggs

Yeah I second what Grant said. I see no real point in adding additional teams, at least not at the moment. You also have to consider that the XFL and other leagues may be coming around, so it would kinda be pointless to add more teams. Where would we get all the NFL caliber players for these new teams?