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    Can Nick Chubb Rush For 2000 Yards This Season?

    I agree. It would require Hunt to take more of a back seat, and I don't think the Browns want to do that. I think they will combine for over 2000 yards this year.
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    Myles Garrett Teams Up With LeBron James In Commercial

    Weird commercial, but whatever. Not a fan of LeBron these days because he had to go to brighter pastures in LA. But I'm happy Garrett is getting some screen time. :)
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    Are you liking the moves the Cavs are making in the off-season?

    idk, not familiar with basketball as much as football, but I hope they have things figured out at the least. Cause I do want the Cavs to start winning again.
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    Jorge Masvidal wants to fight the Paul brothers

    Who doesn't at this point. I guess Jorge Masvidal has threatened to beat up the Paul brothers, or to "Put a hurting" on them two. He even said he's going to beat up all the Pauls. Sorry if your name is Paul, stay away from Jorge Masvidal. :D But seriously, I'd love to see Jorge Masvidal take...
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    Cam Newton was let go by the Patriots, where is he headed next?

    Rumors were swirling that he could sign for the Texans or the Cowboys. And I could see either of those spots being a good fit for him. But, what other teams could you see him being picked up by? I honestly don't know where he's headed, but I am going to guess it'll be the Texans with how the...
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    Should The Browns Keep Chase McLaughlin As Their Kicker?

    Nah, I like what this article suggests, instead they should go for Nick Folk instead. Do you like that option better over Chase McLaughlin? Cause I can't see this kid improving all that much.
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    David Njoku Wants To Sign Long-Term Extension With Browns

    Anyone know if he got an extension yet? I haven't heard any news about it since. I hope they give him a good deal.
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    Jadeveon Clowney thinks guards aren't real athletes

    I agree, guards aren't really meant to be athletic so much, they just need to guard, simple.
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    Best female MMA fighter?

    Best female fighter in the MMA in general, I'd have to say Cris Cyborg, she's a beast, but I think she might have retired, or at least from the UFC. I'd also say right now, Rose Namajunas is on that list for me. I think she's going to defend her title for a while.
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    Baker Mayfield Responds To Doubters

    From: Baker doesn't let the outside noise get to him, though he does see it, he tries to push that mess away and focus his mind on his job. Gotta commend the guy. He get so much hate and he's taking it in strides. He's...
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    Giants' T.J. Brunson out for season after tearing ACL

    That's rough. Especially with an ACL tear. I hear those are tough to come back from, though some do. It can be an injury that lingers longer after it's healed or if surgery is done on it.
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    Browns First Roster Cuts Due On Tuesday

    They made their moves on the roster, cutting down to 85 players. You can read more about it below. Doesn't look like any major star players, so that's good, but it still sucks that some players had to go. Hopefully...
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    Anyone here doing any road trips to see the Browns?

    I am hoping this year I will be able to at least head to one game. Covid may be posing a problem for that, but I still want to give it a try as I want to travel out to a few games. If I can only travel to one game, I would be fine with that even. But, I honestly would love to just take a road...
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    ESPN Gives Browns 5% Chance To Win Super Bowl

    Eh, that's just a 5% prediction, who cares. 5% is all we need if you think about it. If that 5% gets us a Super Bowl win, well that's the best 5% ever.
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    Do you ever check out Browns practices?

    I haven't in the past 5-6 years, but in my teens I would go with my parents to watch some of the practices. Did you guys ever get any autographs? I never did, because I was always far away from the players, and never got to meet any of them. :(