2 Free Agent Linebackers The Browns Should Target


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Those two free agent linebackers being Lavonte David, who previously played for the Buccaneers, and had a 123 combined tackles and three sacks. Or, Tremaine Edmunds, who played previously for the Bill and happens to be a bit younger, but provides a ton of force on that field. He had 102 combined tackles, one sack, and one interception last season for the Bills.

Who out of these two would you want us to go for? I think Lavonte David adds a veteran voice to the team, and in turn a possible leader for the defense. But Tremaine Edmunds is younger, probably has more in the tank, and could be a serious threat for other teams.

I'm having a hard time deciding. Who do you think we should pick up?



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Honestly, Lavonte David is a beast, and I would totally welcome him to the Browns. I'm not too familiar with Edmunds myself, but he sounds like a pure talent we could benefit from.

I'd honestly take both if I could, but I don't know if they are able to take them both in. Would be cool if they could, because I think both of them would add a lot to this defense.

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Those would be fantastic gets for us. I doubt they will hire both men, as I doubt they need them both. But if I had to pick just one out of the two, I think Tremaine Edmunds would be fantastic. He's young, and is a force of nature out there. Lavonte David is awesome too, but I think he's sorta out of his prime, while Edmunds is just getting started and is growing big time.


They could wait to see who else gets into free agency. They have a whole off season of time. Players will probably let teams bid for them and sign for the best deal they can get. Some may sign right away.

If they want to pounce fast, then I think they should go with Tremaine Edmunds, as he's already at an elite level, and will probably get better. Plus he's young and they will likely get more out of him.


They're for sure going to weigh their options in free agency. Money talks and they want a good deal too. My guess is that we'll go for Tremaine Edmunds, as he's a talent that will continue to grow and mature and could be a great talent in his prime. He probably isn't near his prime yet either.


I am in agreement on Edmunds as well. No hate to Lavonte David, but I think it best to go with Edmunds because of longevity. Lavonte David I don't see being around much longer, while Edmunds has some years ahead of him yet.


Both guys have a lot of time left on their careers, especially Edmunds. But I think David has a few years left in him, and he has proven to be a great LB out there. But, I do agree with others about Edmunds being a better option in the long run. David could provide that veteran aspect as well, but how long will he play for?