Another bust of a season


The Browns can't catch a break, and yet again we have a losing season and have to go back to the drawing board. But I think it's time for the ones drafting things up to get out. We're already hearing rumors about the defensive coordinator getting fired, and I'm sure there's many more being let go after this mess of a season.

What off season moves you think we'll be seeing going forward?

I think we're still going to keep Watson, of course until more allegations come out against him and he gets suspended again.


Honestly dude, it just feels like another year at this point. I'm so used to us losing that I don't get my hopes up anymore. It's crazy that I look forward to the off season more now than the actual season, because it doesn't work most of the time.

We're going to make the usual moves to make changes, but will it matter? With the same people in power, I doubt it.


Dude we've been out of the playoff hunt for weeks now. Would have rocked to beat the Steelers to end the season, but here we are.

Joe Woods is likely gone as the defensive coordinator if the organization cares about what the fans want.