Anyone here doing any road trips to see the Browns?


I am hoping this year I will be able to at least head to one game. Covid may be posing a problem for that, but I still want to give it a try as I want to travel out to a few games. If I can only travel to one game, I would be fine with that even. But, I honestly would love to just take a road trip to see some of their regular season games. Anyone here planning to do exactly that?
I'd be down to do a road trip, but I'd need to bring some of my friends along, and I don't know how that'll go with covid still being an issue. I think near the end of the season I can go to a few games then.
I would like to, but I doubt I can do so this year like I had hoped. I would like to try to drive out there this year, but it's looking like it'll have to wait until next season for me.