Anyone tailgating the first game of the season?


The first game is fast approaching. I would have gone to the preseason game, but couldn't make any of them this year. But so far, it's looking good for me, that I should be able to go see the Browns face off against the Chiefs. I'm so hoping that they beat the Chiefs on their turf. That's why I want to see them live, to see them defeat the Chiefs in their home. And I think the Browns can do it. Anyone here going?


I wish I could, but am not going to be able to travel that far. I can only go to home games, and even that is going to be a burden, as I will have to travel quite a while. And I have driving for too long. But, I hope soon.
Nope, I likely won't be able to go to any games this year. Covid did it's number things, and I was out of work for a while. Due to that I am unable to afford any games this year. So tv only for me. :(


Not the first game, but I might be attempting to go to a couple games around week 5 to week 9. Not sure what games just yet though.


I won't be tailgating at all this season. Can't afford to and can't be bothered to drive or fly out to see any games.


I would like to tailgate sometime this season, but I don't think I'm going to be able to this year sadly. Here's hoping I can next season though.