Are the Browns the best team on paper for fantasy football?


I personally think that the Browns have the best team on paper, when it comes to fantasy football. Especially if they keep Kareem Hunt in there with Nick Chubb to churn the ball on the ground, and of course OBJ, David Njoku, Rashard Higgins and all the other WR's on this team.

I think overall, these players are probably going to score a ton for those fantasy leagues.


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idk about the best, but they have a team full of great potential fantasy football talent haha. But seriously, you have a double threat with Hunt and Chubb, who could easily combine for 2,000 yards again. Plus with the WR class and the TE's on this team, you have a lot of potential. The only downside, would probably be the defensive side of things. But even so, I think we got a solid defense anyway.

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