Baker Mayfield's still confused about tenure in Cleveland ending


Baker Mayfield was recently on the Pat McAfee show for an interview, and he discussed his time with the Browns and how he is still confused how his tenure with them ended, as near his final season he was dealing with a shoulder injury that was inhibiting him from playing the best he can.

I think it was good to move on from Baker, but I still like Baker for the time he put in here. It sucks how it all ended, but it seems he's doing fairly well now with the Buccs, so maybe he can have a good career going forward.

Anyway, do you think it would have been better to keep Mayfield instead of trading for Watson?

Baker doesn't get enough credit. Maybe he wasn't right for us, but I know the dude has some great talent and can go pretty hard when he's healthy. Dude was hurt a lot of the time, and that obviously doesn't help.

The jury is still out on Baker and whether he can get anything going. So far he and his Buccs are 4-1, which doesn't mean anything as that could change to 4-13 or something.


I respect Baker for what he has done for us and where he has gone since. It sucks that his time here was for nothing essentially, but that's sports for ya. Some of these guys never go anywhere.

I wish Baker the best wherever he goes.