Can the Browns land TE Tucker Kraft?


The Browns and 14 other teams met with tight end Tucker Kraft (South Dakota State) during the combine recently. Do you think the Browns can land him during the draft, or will one of the other 14 teams go for him? Those teams can be viewed in the tweet below.

I think the Browns should definitely go after Tucker Kraft in the draft. He’s a beast of a tight end who can block and catch with equal skill. Can't go wrong bringing someone of his talent in. Especially with that speed.
Fourteen other teams met with him. Would be luck if we landed him, but our record could help us land him early. But would we take him early?
Yeah a lot of teams are showing interest in him. I don't know what our draft layout looks like. Didn't we trade some draft picks for Deshaun Watson? With their poor record, they might be able to pick sooner, but that Watson trade might have some affect on the draft schedule.