Free agent CB's Browns should go for?


According to Browns Nation, they think we could benefit from having the likes of Patrick Peterson and Jonathan Jones. Peterson last played for the Vikings, and did pretty decent there last season. He is a bit older at 32, but he could add that veteran presence too. Jones is younger and seems to be getting better, as he had a fairly good season with the Patriots. He also played in a couple Super Bowls with the Patriots, so he would add a lot there too.

Would you like to see these two playing for us? Which one should we go for? Or could we go for both?



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Patrick Peterson would be a good addition imo. He's still spry for his age and I think can be a huge factor in helping this defense learn. But, Jones on the other hand has a history of winning, including super bowls, so he could bring a lot to the table too.


We could always just draft a couple CB's. I know young doesn't always translate to good. Or we could draft one and pick up one of these guys in free agency. It's hard to decide.


I say go with Patrick Peterson honestly. If if they plan to pick up both, then do it. I think those two would add a lot on the defensive side. Otherwise, Peterson is a good pick.


I think Peterson would be a great option, and I'm sure we could probably get him for a cheaper deal too considering his age. Jones may want more and I think Peterson would be more than enough.