Getting into the XFL at all?


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The XFL has blown up this year since it made yet another comeback. I haven't kept up with it so much, but I did watch highlights for some games. I hear Josh Gordon is having a career resurgence over there playing for the Seattle Sea Dragons. I'm happy for him, as I knew the NFL wasn't going to really use him all too much.

I might actually check up on some of the games going forward. Wonder if we'll see our own team in the XFL.

It's been fun, being able to continue to watch football after the NFL season ends. And hell yeah, I'd love for us to get our own XFL team one of these days. Come to Cleveland XFL, we'd love to have another team here. :D
More football, I can't complain. I hope it succeeds so they can add more teams and divisions. Maybe one day it can rival the NFL.
I love seeing Josh Gordon out there lighting people up. He's become a star in the XFL, which might help bring him back to the NFL. I think the XFL is about helping players come and go to other leagues, so that's a plus.
I caught one game. It's really impressive how good it was, nothing spectacular by any means, but it is more football, and I am happy to get that.
I have not yet watched a game, just highlights here and there. And what I have watched so far in the little highlights, it looks a hell of a lot better than the last one. I hear they air games on ESPN on the weekends, so I'll see if I can catch a game or two.