Golden State Warriors are 9-1 to start the season


The Warriors have gone 9-1 on the season, winning their last 5 games. Do you see them keeping the losses down this season? Or will they end up losing more than 10?

I think the Warriors are the best team playing right now, and I have a feeling they won't have many losses this season. What do you think? Honestly I'd love the Cavaliers to do as good. They are 7-4 right now, so they could even go far this season.


Honestly don't care about them. Now, the cavs being 7-4 is a nice change of pace. If they can keep the wins coming, then we got a good season on our hands.
Looks like they're going to be 10-1 if they can win against the Timberwolves, which should be easy, because they're awful right now. Still rooting for the Cavaliers though, 7-5 ain't bad, but they lost their recent game against the Wizards. So yeah, not great. But, I still think they're going to win a lot more games this season.