Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

Nick Swish

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David Njoku said that he doesn't mind getting a breakout game and for him, he'll be happy as long as the Browns get the W.
Here's the full quote:

"As long as we just keep winning and keep rolling, I’m happy. Whatever the team needs for me is what I’m going to do. Everybody wants to be successful. Everyone wants to make a game-winning play, but at the end of the day, it takes all of us each play to be successful together. So like I said, when W’s come in, I’m happy."



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100% agree with Njoku here. I know some players out there want to gain that MVP award or other yearly awards, but sometimes all you need to do is secure a win, and it doesn't matter how you get that win, as long as you do.
I would like to see him get passed too more often. If he can get the ball more, maybe our chances would be even better for winning.
David Njoku has the potential to be one of the best TE's in the NFL today. I hope he gets more chances to get out there and show his talent, and I hope he is targeted more. But like others have said, it's mainly about getting that win, that #1 and should be the case for all players.
We need players like Njoku to step up. I feel like he could be one of the best TE's in the league.