Jake Paul to fight Tyron Woodley again


Fight 2 between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley is going to happen December 18th. This is quite short notice, as Tommy Fury had to back out due to an injury. This only leaves Tyron with a couple weeks to train.

Who you got winning? I think it'll be Jake Paul again, because I think Tyron Woodley is not going to put up much of a fight. I would be surprised if he just went to town on Jake Paul. I want to see that happen.

Oh god, it'll be a bore fest like the first fight. It'll end via decision. I think this is all for the two of them to make money.
Ugh! Here we go again! It'll be another mediocre fight that'll end in decision and that's it. I don't see Tyron Woodley going to town on Jake Paul. I hoped he would have in their first fight, but the dude clearly held back. When I watch boxing, I want to see people fight, not hug and do nothing.
Yeah this is becoming a joke. These two will waste our time for all 8,10,12, or how many rounds they are getting. It'll end in decision like everyone else said. This is all about money for these two, they know if they half-ass it and don't throw hard punches, they can just mess around some for the whole fight.

I think that's what will happen. But, I would love to see Tyron not hold back like the last fight. Let those fists fly bro!
This is going to be a joke of a fight. Same with the majority of the fights on the card I bet. But I may check the highlights of the show to see how they fared.
Eh it's going to be another boring fight. It's just to make money. And if Paul loses, which I think he might, it'll set up a third fight. Just that alone proves this is for the money. They'll half ass it for the whole fight just so they can get paid and then go for another fight.