Jarvis Landry will be a free agent after this season, should we pick him up?


Jarvis Landry will not be playing against us when we meet the Saints tomorrow for this weekends game. He is sitting out the remainder of the season due to an injury, and come this March, he will be put up into the free agency to see where he will go next. The Saints could re-hire him back, but if not, I say we go for him. Nick Chubb seems to think it would have been great to have him back with us, so hopefully that interests him to join us back in Cleveland again.

Do you think he'll ever come back?


It would be pretty epic to have Landry back on our side. He is one of those wideouts who is constantly forgotten about, yet he is a talented receiver who we'd for sure want back.

But, I think he wants to go to teams that can guarantee him a Super Bowl shot, and maybe it wasn't with the Saints. But maybe it can be with us. :)

Mr Biggs

I don't see him wanting to come back to Cleveland. It would be epic to have him back for sure, because he's someone who would easily fit back into the scheme and back into this team for sure.