Joe Thomas Is Named A Pro Football HOF Finalist

Awesome, I remember when I hear he was going to be a semi-finalist, so it's good that he's moved up. We're still not there yet, but this is likely going to result in him going go the hall of fame. He deserves it.
I hope he gets it. To get that close and not get in sucks. I think all finalists should be included. You'd think with how many talents we have over the years, they'd give out more hall of fame spots. But I guess they like to give a small amount each year.
Dude better win it. I don't think any other Browns players are up for the Hall of Fame this year. There is a total of 15 finalists, some of which have been finalists for multiple years. So the chance is pretty slim, but you never know.

You can find the finalists below: