Jorge Masvidal wants to fight the Paul brothers


Who doesn't at this point. I guess Jorge Masvidal has threatened to beat up the Paul brothers, or to "Put a hurting" on them two. He even said he's going to beat up all the Pauls.

Sorry if your name is Paul, stay away from Jorge Masvidal. :D

But seriously, I'd love to see Jorge Masvidal take on either of the Paul brothers. Either Jake or Logan, doesn't matter.

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A triple threat boxing match, haha! But no seriously, I think he could take them both on, 1 on 1 each of course. But I think if anyone can beat these two, it'd be Masvidal, he seems a lot more sure of himself than Woodley was.


I bet I could beat one of them in a fight. Not sure about boxing, but I bet I could take them out in an MMA match. I trained some MMA back in the day, and if I could get either in a headlock, they're done.