Out of these receivers, who should we pick up?


We're looking to get another wide receiver to help out Amari Cooper and Donovan Peoples-Jones, as they're really the only two wideouts that are making any moves for the Browns right now. One more wideout would be a big help for this team, but who out of the people mentioned below, should we pick up?

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Out of the ones mentioned, I would love to see DeAndre Hopkins or Tyler Lockett. Those two have to be the top frontrunners for them. It sounds like they will only pick up on wr for now, can probably grab one in the draft as well. What do you guys think?

Mr Biggs

I like Brandin Cooks myself, but honestly any of these guys would be a great third option. I imagine teams are going to be all over the first three on the list, especially DeAndre Hopkins.

Eddy Banks

Well they'd have to trade for them, but if we could, DeAndre Hopkins would be dope, but I'd take just about anyone from that list, or even a wr from the draft. They just need 3rd wr to fill the gaps and I think any of them will do the job fine. As well, they would probably be the 3rd wr, so they'd be last on the depth chart to Cooper & Peoples-Jones respectively.


New member
Tyler Lockett would be a good get imo. But so will a lot of these guys. I think Elijah Moore is a hidden talent that can seriously get things done. And same for Jerry Jeudy, as I think he'd be a good fit as well.


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I think Tyler Lockett would be sufficient enough as a 3rd wr for the browns. It's not like we need them all. Just one or two maybe.