Rams Cam Akers out season due to Torn Achilles


Bad news for the Rams as their star running back is out for the whole season due to tearing his Achilles. There was already rumors of LeSean McCoy possibly joining the Rams, as DeSean Jackson I believe tried getting him to join.


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That sucks. Cam Akers is a future hall of famer for sure, he's going to be a star soon enough. Sucks that he's out this whole season. Hopefully he's back better than ever in 2022.


Devastating news to go out like that, especially for the whole season it seems. I don't think he can make it back this season, but he should be back for the next season. He's only 22, so he has a long career ahead of him. Lets just hope that he's not injury prone after he returns.


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He was quickly becoming one of the best running backs out there, sad to see him out on the year, but I can see him being back in full force by the time he's able to come back.