Should Myles Garrett get MVP?


There's a case to be made, that Myles Garrett deserves to win the 2021 MVP award. And I am so for that. But, I doubt the fans would vote him in to win, considering they're hard pressed to vote on QBs all the darn time. Or running backs. But why not get a defensive player the chance to win it? Myles Garrett can be that player.

Think it'll happen?



Oh yes he should be voted as MVP this year. He's proven to be one of the best players. He broke the Browns franchise sack record, so he could potentially break even more records. There's still 3 or 4 games. So yeah, anything is possible.


I think it'd be awesome if he got MVP, but knowing how most years go, defensive players rarely get the MVP award. If you have a top tier QB playing near perfect, they'll win it 99% of the time.


He deserves to win. We've had enough QBs and Running backs winning the award, maybe a defensive player winning it again would be nice.