Texans at Browns

Mr Biggs

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The Browns will be getting a meeting from the Texans this coming Sunday at 1PM EST and I can't wait. Who you got winning this one? I am voting for our boys to win this, but the Texans looked great last game and I am a bit scared about what they are capable of.

Anyway, discuss this upcoming game.


I got the Browns winning this one. I don't want them to go 0-2 to start things out. We need a win and we need it over a good team like the Texans. I think our schedule for the most part is pretty decent. A lot of matchups I see on the schedule, I can see the Browns winning.


Texans do kinda scare me, but I think the Browns are going to be too much for them. So, I gotta go with my boys and pick the Browns.


The Texans played good last week, and Tyrod Taylor looked great at QB out there. So I do have some worries about them. But, I think the Browns win it in a close one. I think it ends in a field goal.


I hope we win. I can't see us go down to 0-2 right now. It's going to put me in a panic.


I think the Browns have this. They have a way better team than the Texans do right now, and I think they will run it down their throats and pass downfield if needed.
I'm a bit afraid of the Texans, as they looked great last week, but I believe the Browns are the better team and we'll see them go over the Texans this time around.


That was a game. Stayed in it and kept at it the whole game. There was some mistakes, but other than that, this game was a fun watch and I'm glad the Browns got the win. Now lets keep the train movin! :)