The good news on Nick Chubb's successful MCL surgery

Alex Ramsey

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According to Adam Schefter, the doctors operated and repaired Nick Chubb's MCL and discovered that they still needed to fix his ACL with an additional surgery.

HOWEVER, NICK CHUBB IS EXPECTED TO BE RECOVERED AND RETURN ON THE NEXT NFL SEASON. This is a good news for me. Praying for Chubb's speedy recovery 🙏


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Such good news, even if it's still bad. This means his career is not over and he has another chance coming his way.


Sucks there is still an issue with his ACL that requires surgery, but I'm so happy to hear this isn't it for him. Next season will be Chubbs comeback.


That's good the first surgery was a success. Sucks he has to go through another surgery, but damn, it's good to hear he'll be able to play again.


That is good his surgery was a success. I can only imagine what he's going through right now, not being able to play. I hope he's better than ever when he is able to play again.


I hope to god this doesn't affect his play next season. I can't imagine he will be 100% the same when he comes back from this. His talent will probably be a bit limited comparatively.

I wish him the best recovery possible.