The silver lining for the Week 4 loss is that the Browns will enter a Bye Week, right?

Nick Swish

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This Week 5 will be a bye week for the Browns and it's going to be a week to restart and polish the offense. Also the time to let our injured guys (Watson, Pocic, Garrett) recover and hopefully get healed up in Week 6 vs. the 49ers. I hope our team wins their next game.


This bye week has come at the best time it could honestly. I hope it results in us getting the win after the bye week. I can't keep going through these losing seasons. :(


Thank goodness for this bye week. Take this time to re-evaluate and recover. By the time we face the 49ers, hopefully we can beat them and their undefeated streak.


Yeah I think this bye week came at the perfect time for them. It will help them a bit to recover, but the 49ers to follow is going to be a tough matchup to get through.

Mr Biggs

Not only the recovery from injuries, but to come back to the drawing board and figure out how this team can win going forward.

Mr Browns Fan

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It certainly helps to take a break, good thing the bye week came when it did, because they need to regroup and get back on the same page.