Why is Ben Roethlisberger still playing?


Dude is like 100 years old, or looks 100 years old. The Steelers are 1-3 on the season and he hasn't been playing that good. He has 4 touchdowns with 4 ints. It just looks like this dude is ready to call it quits. Do you think the Steelers finally let him go and focus on rebuilding around a younger talent?

Mr Biggs

He still has the talent, just not in his prime anymore and doesn't have that good of a team around him. Of course things will go bad. But I think this is his final year. I can't see him making a fight to stay around too much longer.


That is a question I have been asking for the past couple years now. Dude is well past his prime. I don't see why they have stuck with him for so long.

I think they need to go with young talent, the Steelers feel like such an old team with Roethlisberger around.
Because he can. Yeah be may be a bit past his prime, but he still has potential to help a team succeed. But it is starting to look like this Steelers need to move on from him soon.