Will the Browns win more games this year?


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The Browns went 11-5 last year, the best record this team has had in many years. And we're all hopeful that they can repeat a winning season for 2021 and onward. With that all being said, I was curious. Do you think the Browns will win more games this year? or less? They can't afford to lose games, and if they can possibly repeat at 11-5 or even do 10-6, I would be fine with that, as long as they can make the playoffs.

But, I can see them doing better, and getting 12 or 13 wins. And now with one additional game, that might help them even more.


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I hope they do. With 17 games on the schedule, they could go 13-4, 14-3, 15-2, 16-1, etc. I think you get my point. As long as they can get a winning season, and get into the playoffs, they could go 9-8 for all I care. As long as they make the cut, that's all that matters. That's a winning season in my book.


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It's a real possibility. The fact is, this team has most of their star players and will be healthy and ready to go by game day. I don't think they lost or got rid of many players either, so the team we had last year, is still essentially the team we have this year. I think they can do 12 or 13 wins, but I will be happy as long as they win and make the cut for the playoffs.

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