Will the XFL come back better?


The XFL now will be re-started a second time. The first time the league came about it failed badly, the second time, Covid pretty much stopped it in its tracks, and now The Rock and others are co-owning the XFL and are planning to bring it back soon.

With that being said, do you think the XFL coming back, will be good? Or will it turn out to fail yet again?


I think with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he is going to make sure it's well runned and taken care of. I think the last couple times, it felt like more of a rush. So I can see this being a nice change of pace.


I can't see any new league competing with the NFL. Even with the fludging numbers of the NFL being low these past few years, I don't think a new league will draw in as many viewers.


Honestly, I have no clue what to expect here. I feel like the last iteration of the XFL was competent and I think The Rock is just going to continue that going forward. There's not much else they need to do but make sure they have the money and the players and I think they will do just fine.


I'll check it out again. I enjoyed the XFL and that other league that happened a few years ago. And I always like more football.
I don't know if it'll come back better. I see it being much of the same with some flair added by the Rock and his crew. But idk, I'm not too interested in it.


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Who knows. This will be the 3rd attempt this league has started up, the first time it failed miserably, second time was a failure, but wasn't helped by covid. And I bet this new league is going to be just as bad.


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The XFL will come back for a season, and then leave and be forgotten for another 5-10 years. I can't see people sticking with the XFL, at least not long.